Pagan Values Spotlight: Strength

The ever readable Witch, author & artist, blogger and podcaster, (among many other wonderful things) T. Thorn Coyle has recently written a wonderful piece called Pushing Back at Life: Paganism, Strength, and Heavy Metal IWhich leads us to hope there will be a part II soon!  Which was soon followed by part II.

“When you can decipher the lyrics, doom metal is not always uplifting. But at last night’s concert, thrashing around a nightclub to dark metal felt incredibly life affirming. An outsider could become quickly confused by this music that often sings of darkness, or by the black clad bodies and the raised fists. It can look like fascism, or hypnotism, or anger. It can look a bit scary, I suppose. But look a little closer: like most Pagan rites, this is a rite of power, yes, but not one of enslavement. We are pumping our fists together and shouting because we like it, not because someone tells us so. We are pushing at each other, not out of violence or hatred, but because sometimes we feel pushed around by life, and it feels really good to push back. If we dance like this together, there is no need for fighting. If we dance like this together, there is no need for leaders and followers. If we dance like this together, there is energy that rises from the trance inducing chords of the guitars and the droning of the voices. This energy conspires with us to spell out “Life!””  (c) T. Thorn Coyle 2010


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