IPBPM 2010: Getting into the mood…

Dear readers,
To start the coverage of this years event, I thought I would start slow with a few recent postings and discussions that clearly showcase ethics and virtues and values in the forefront of Pagan thought and action.

A Survey of Greco-Egyptian Ethics by Sannion at The House of Vines, this piece from the 18th of May highlights the ethics of this ancient and modern syncretic religious path as outlined by one of it’s more widely known and respected members.

“No, Greco-Egyptian polytheism is definitely not without its difficulties. However, I am happy to say that there is one area that is remarkably simple and that’s finding common ethical ground between Greece and Egypt. Both cultures placed a strong emphasis on moral rectitude, temperance, fortitude, charity, piety, participation in society, honoring one’s ancestors and family and the like. Furthermore, they advocated such things in remarkably similar language so that it seems almost that one is dealing with a single, continuous tradition instead of trying to reconcile disparate ideologies as one would have to if they were drawn to both Buddhism and Heathenry, for instance.” ~ H. Jeremiah Lewis aka Sannion (c) 2010

The month of May 2010 also has seen The Draft Statement on the Pagan Community Statement on Sexual Ethics (a voluntary ethics statement), opened up for public comment on this post over at The Wild Hunt. This open comment period has resulted in a lot of sometimes vigorous discussions about ethics and sexuality and stirred debate.

Once the statement is finalized it will be posted at the site www.PagansAgainstSexualAbuse.com, where it will allow folks to sign on and to encourage discussion around this issue.


Sia, from Full Circle has spent much of late April and early May, since Earth Day writing from her own Earthwise Ethics chronicling the ongoing Gulf Coast Oil Spill. (2010 edition anyway, as Rachel Maddow recently reminded here viewers it’s happened before) Sia has written about the many threatened species of wildlife, researched and provided volunteer information and resources, chronicled her own readiness to volunteer, profiled a prominent Gulf Coast Activist and groups working in animal clean up on site.




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