In Search of Co-Conspirators….


Pax, aka Geoffrey here. Your event host and editor of this humble blogject. I am looking for co-conspirators interested in helping stir the conversation on Pagan Values across the Blog and Pod o-spheres and in our communities.

Co-conspirators should have a working knowledge of WordPress and internet searches so as to contribute to the Event Archives and our eventual expansion, and a willingness to contribute original posts/episodes on the topics of Pagan Values and Virtue and Ethics – as well as being willing to post ‘heads up’ type posts highlighting other blogs or articles or essays relating to the topic.

Our eventual expansion will include regular contributions to the blog from the authors/co-conspirators on various monthly topics, and will also include posts highlighting similar discussions/topics elsewhere in the Blogosphere or amongst the Podkin or other works discussion Values from the perspective of the Pagan faiths.

Interested parties should comment on this post.

Thank you for your time today,
Pax / Geoffrey



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6 responses to “In Search of Co-Conspirators….

  1. Interested! Were there any topics you feel should be covered?

  2. I am a Traditional Witch and a Sacar of Toteg Tribe. Definitely would LOVE to participate in this discussion. Would you like this discussed on the Pagan Newswire Collective Board, or is it already there?

  3. Hi there, I’m really excited about the Pagan Values project. I’ve been writing a series of posts on Roman pagan virtues. I’m so glad that other people are having similar discussions as well, and where have I been the last couple years that I’m only learning about this now!?!

    We pagans have a habit of defining ourselves in negatives– what we are not, I think not only because many of us come “from” something (i.e., we weren’t born into pagan families) but because we don’t want to be seen as values enforcers. I think we can still talk about values and define ourselves in positive terms without turning our values into dogma.

    Very excited to have found you all!


    • Pax

      Hello Resa!

      Welcome to the event, I look forward to you postings… please drop off links to them either somewhere on this blog (preferably at the event page or the announcement page, or on the Event Facebook page if you partake of that particular vice/guilty pleasure! šŸ˜‰

      I think you have some very good observations about the complexities of the Pagan movement and identity (or sometimes anti-identity?)

      Thanks again for your kind words,

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