Continuing our discussions of Pagan Values….

So the lovely and talented Stacey Demarco from Australia wrote a question over on the 2011 Pagan Values Event listing on Facebook

“Im curious: why do you see our “mantle” of “outsider” and “rebel” as “tattered and worn”? It is my opinion that witches have always been cataylsts for change and as such we have often challenged the “what is”- the status quo. Is that not what you are asking for here? Issues like poverty and hunger ARE the status quo. I am not willing to “put away” what makes us so effective…”

To which I responded…

“I don’t think that we can affect the positive changes needed in society if we keep trying to be outside it or rebelling against the overculture. I think by speaking of the shared values and ideals and virtues of the many Pagan faiths we can perhaps start emphasizing how we have many of the same hopes and aspirations for our society and for the future as our friends and family and neighbors who are not Pagans.

I also think that by speaking of the different ways that the different Pagan paths view our many virtues and values and ethics we can get to a place where instead of being the rebel or the outsider or the fringe we can become the leaders and cultural creatives and community members our world desperately needs.

I also would point out that Pagan does not equal Witch, Witchcraft is one diverse segment within contemporary Paganism.

I think that at some point being Pagan came to be seen by many as a way of running away from other religions or from various pains and problems, rather than being seen as a spirituality and philosophy and life path worth running too. I think there are a lot of folks who are Pagan to stick it to Mommy and Daddy and Jesus, or because they see it as a cool subculture, rather than out of a love of Holy Powers and the Spirits of the World around us and of the Ancestors.

So I believe that by setting aside this mantle of otherness and embracing and actively living and sharing the values within the many Paganisms, we can do much more to serve the Holy Powers than by being some artsy off-beat other…

Not that I think that our otherness is Bad, but wrapping ourselves in it and diving into being ‘other’ rather than being passionate creative fathful people who happen to be “other” in some ways…. that is bad for us and does our Gods and our duty to the Holiness of All Creation no good service…

…does that make sense?”


So, does that make sense?



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