“Pagan” Values Event 2011 (the official post/episode tag)

So, as some of you may have heard, the latest wave of back-and-forth discussions, soul-searching, kvetching, and debate over the use of the Word Pagan is going on right now…

As the creator of this blogject and the Pagan Values events, I guess you can see that I tend to favor the word Pagan, my definition of it is fairly practice-and-sources/influences based….  Thorn Coyle has, in many interviews and places, talked about the Venn Diagram nature of contemporary Paganism/Polytheism/What-ever-term-floats-your-boat…

I rather like the Venn Diagram analogy because it is my personal take that our many interlocking and overlapping circles of practice and influences and inspiration can come together to create a fabulous mandala that can support society and encourage its healthy transformation and growth…  To the point where 10,000 years from now we are arguing about the differences in honoring the spirits of many different colonized worlds and whether we are really Cosmos based or should we name our spiritual base by birth-planet of origin….  Earth Based and TerraNova Based and Avani-5 based spirituality for example…  (did I ever mention I can be a dreamer and optimist even as I wrestle with pessimism and doubt?)

At the same time I can understand the power and importance of accuracy in naming and words across many faith Traditions… so the official event post/episode tag for our 2011 event is..

“Pagan” Values Event 2011

Use it in good health and I look forward to your contributions!!




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