Pagan Values: Perserverance and Courage

Patrick McCollum has posted a guest editorial at The Wild Hunt, discussing his intention to continue fighting for full Freedom of Religion and religious equality before the law in the state of California, in his ongoing civil rights work to see that the Five Faiths policy of the California Dept of Corrections, which only recognizes the legitimacy of 5 religious Traditions.

What other example of Perserverance and Courage can you come up with from within our many intertwined communities?


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One response to “Pagan Values: Perserverance and Courage

  1. Generally speaking, any pagan person who stands up publicly in the world today is showing tremendous courage. The atmosphere is not often hostile these days, but there is always risk and uncertainty (in some communities more than others) – so we should hail and support those who do so. 🙂

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