A brief, good, list…

Gayle in Connecticut, USA, shared the following on the 2011 Event Facebook Page…

Greetings Friends and Merry Meet!
I recently distilled my values down into 8 words. They are:
1. Harm None
2. Think Rationally
3. Advocate Justice
4. Inspire Love
I strive to live my life with these 8 words/values to guide my actions. I may not always succeed….but I’m definitely thinking before I act or say things.
Love and Bright Blessings to all.

I asked that I might repost here to add to the archives, she said yes… and here we are and here you go.





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2 responses to “A brief, good, list…

  1. Can you talk a bit more about the “thing rationally?” aspect?

    • Pax

      Well this really isn’t my post to comment on, but a repost from the FB event page… and if I could figure out how to link to a specific conversation on a wall I would do so here…

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