Wrestling with Pride and Questions and where did the bloger/editor go?

So it is surprisingly difficult to write out the interplay between Pride as a virtue and Pagan Pride… I am attending a Pagan Pride event tomorrow and marching in the Orlando LGBT Pride parade…  and will be trying to coordinate my notes and thoughts into something coherent in the next week or so… I’ve unpacked a lot of questions…

How do we engage and manifest our Pride in contemporary Paganisms ancient heritage?  The values and virtues and ethics and philosophy and wisdom and love of science, the history and the art.

Are the ways in which the differences between Pagan Pride and Gay Pride are manifested signposts for our future development?

How does Pagan Pride manifest itself the rest of the year?

… these are a few of the questions I’ve been wrestling with and wondering about in the last month or so.  I’ve also been trying to post ~something~ each day at my personal/mainblog Chrysalis… to jump start my writing and creativity after a long and difficult Summer.  In the meantime I WILL be posting more regularly here… I suspect many of the posts will be links and excerpts with some sort essays and questions for discussion.

Thank you,

Pax / Geoffrey Stewart


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