So there is a fascinating discussion of Compassion and boundaries and relationship entitled The Problem of the Pagan ‘Us and Them’ going on over at Bishop in The Grove over on the Patheos Pagan Portal.

That post, and the discussion, are informed by a previous post by Theo  Teo Bishop on Where Does Compassion Belong Among Pagans and Polytheists,  and a responding post by Steven T. Abell entitled Compassion in Cold Climates, both very much worth reading.

At the same time, or at least recently, a new study was released that showed that this virtue seems to show up as a reason for doing good more with non-religious folks than for religious folks… although I have to say the scope of the study seems relatively small given the methodology… I’d love to see more studies on this topic.

Does anyone have any other readings, articles, or thoughts to share on the topic of Compassion in Contemporary Paganism?


(edited to corect Teo Bishop’s name, and with my compliments and apologies to the gentleman.)


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