Pagan Values event 2012

Welcome to the 2012 Pagan Values event.

Started as a blog carnival in 2009 and expanded into an open event for bloggers and podcasters in 2010, this event lasts the month of June and provides a bully pulpit for Pagans and Polytheists and many others to speak about our Values.  In a world where our many faiths and paths are often held up for ridicule or as straw dogs of evil for Fundamentalists, it would be easy to remain silent; especially as articulating our values and how we act upon them challenges the Fundamentalist’s claim of ownership over all Values and Virtues, and can attract unwanted attention from them

However, in not articulating these things we also miss out on the friendships and connections that can arise with like-minded folks of many Faiths and Paths.  We miss out on the opportunity to speak the Truth of who we are and what we do.  We miss the chance to perhaps bring some much needed change and inspiration to a world in need.

What are the Ethics, the Virtues, and Values that Contemporary Paganism has taught you to cherish, to live, to bring with you in your every interaction with the world?  What do you do, inspired by these values?  What adventures, or misadventures, has your Paganism and the Values and Virtues and Ethics it has inspired led you too?  What and who have you encountered on your spiritual and moral journey as a Pagan?  How have you acted upon these Values.  What have you done inspired by these Virtues?  What wrestling matches have you had when these Ethics encountered the real world?

Write of these things on your blogs, speak of them on your podcasts, share the links with me either here in the comments section of this blog post, or on the Facebook page for the 2012 event.

Thank you,

Pax / Geoffrey Stewart

Note: until July 1st this post will be stuck to the front page of the Pagan Values Blogject…



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30 responses to “Pagan Values event 2012

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  2. Drea

    Reblogged this on A Less Travelled Path and commented:
    I find myself a bit conflicted on this sort of idea, but I can’t say that I think it would be a bad idea to participate. If you had to pick one thing to share with the outside world about your faith’s values, what would it be?

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  10. Pagan Values: A contribution to the Pagan Values event 2012
    by Bronwyn Katzke | Beneath the Baobab
    11 June 2012 – 6.00am (sast) |

    Up until this morning, I had never given my values and morals a thought. I’m ashamed to admit that I actually had to look up ‘values’, ‘ethics’ and ‘virtues’ in the dictionary to see what the difference was between them. And you know what I found: it’s not so much as what sets them apart, as that which makes them essentially the same thing. Virtues, ethics or values; they all have one thing in common, and that’s how a person’s principles or standards influence their behaviour. So how does being Pagan influence my behaviour? What effect do my beliefs have on how I go about my daily life?

    Read the rest here:
    PENTON Independent Pagan Media

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    Misplaced values – my guess as to where the messed up financial thinking comes from within the Pagan community.

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  16. Here’s my contribution for this year:

    “Musings of a Quaker Witch: Pagan values, feminism, and transgender women”

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  20. This is my last post for the project for this year. Thanks for providing this platform. It’s been fun!
    Multiple love, not multiple bastards

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