Living Our Values

The recent post The Work of a Witch,  by Witch and fabulously well written and eloquent blogger Hecate Demeter is well worth reading.  In it she discusses her plans for spending a week with her grandson, and of not only living her values as a Witch but sharing them with her grandson…

“Is this the work of a Witch? Yes. Yes, it is. When I was raising Son, I was doing the work of Demeter, the work of THE MOTHER. And, now, I am doing the work of Baba Yaga, the work of THE CRONE.

What I’m passing on is the joy of simple pleasures outside. The love of place. History. Physical strength. A memory of a time when everything was OK and blue jays showed up for breakfast.”~Hecate Demeter (C) 2012

Hecate’s entire blog is well worth reading, not only for its excellence in writing, but for a wonderful example of a Pagan and Witch who is living her values day in and day out, who wrestles with the questions raised by her faith and path and who is willing to share the lessons she’s learned with others.



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3 responses to “Living Our Values

  1. Patrick McCleary

    Link doesn’t work.

  2. Patrick McCleary

    You are very welcome!

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