Ethical Eating?

So one of the early contributions to the 2012 Pagan Values Event was from Selina over at Cauldron to Kitchen, who shared the first of her series of posts “Pagan Kosher” from August of last year on our 2012 event FB page.  I was intrigued because last year Jessica from over at Malaise Can Sit, Jeeze! shared a similarly themed post “Eating Gi“.

Another contribution from last year posted in From David Salisbury’s Cauldron, entitled Animal Rights: My Pagan Value is not unrelated to this topic as he discusses the global food industries treatment of animals…

A little poking around the Interwebs also showed that the good folk over at Pagan Blog Prompts did an Ethical Eating prompt back in June of last year; and Lady Lala from the multi-author blog Practical Pagans also wrote about Ethical Eating last year…

Ethical Eating is sort of a catch-all term that can include moral and ethical bases for things from buying/eating Organic and Fair Trade items, to Vegetarianism and Veganism, to engaging in the Slow Food or Localvore movements.

I really don’t have much to say for myself on this topic yet, since most of my food choices are trying to navigate what seems the sometimes competing complexities of eating healthier, and buying what I can actually afford.  But I am trying to learn more about this topic, and figured a post connecting to several posts and resources was in order…

There are a number of very useful resources out there on the topic of Ethical Eating, including a very basic guide from New York Magazine, a list of resources and links on Ethical Eating from the Unitarian Universalist Association, the transcript (because the link to the video sadly does not seem to be working) of a segment on Ethical Eating from Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, and an enjoyable post about Ethical Eating from the Aquarian Newspaper

So what do you think of this topic?  How do you engage with the practice of Ethical Eating?

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