The event archive is up and running!! Now feel free to join in!!

Just a brief hello to the many people who have started following the Blogject since RevKess over at The Pagan Musings Podcast was kind enough to invite me to a discussion/interview.  Thank you all for you interest and support of this project!

The event archive is up and running and you can click on the link on the button below the title bar or on the link at the beginning of this sentence. 

I would also like to invite anyone reading this to join in this years event by writing, or commenting on posts you like… you never know where inspiration or even a kind word can take you in your own spiritual journey!

Thank you,

Geoffrey Stewart / Pax



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3 responses to “The event archive is up and running!! Now feel free to join in!!

  1. Kilmrnock aka kilm

    Hello I am Kilm. A CR,Sinnsreachd actually.A tribal Celtic recon faith.Altho having been in this faith for less than a year I have been recon and warrior for 10 yes. And pagan for 20 yes.As a warrior a strong value system I understand and follow.A honor/conduct code so to speak.One I researched and follow, quite similar to the Norse NNV.In all reality I have always followed such a code for quite some time,even before I was pagan.I am 56
    Yrs old . Came to paganism late in life,but am here just the same, and to stay. Again I say hello. Kilm

    • Pax

      Hello Kilm!

      Thank you for sharing some of your story and journey! Welcome home to Contemporary Paganism. I am curious what your Virtues list looks like? Care to share?

      Peace and Curiosity,
      Geoffrey Stewart / Pax

      • Kilmrnock aka kilm

        Sure, honor is number 1. Second , right action. 3. Truth 4. Justice 5. Hospitality 6. Piety 7. Strenth 8.perseverance

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