Should we keep our Minds on our Money?

So one of the posts to this years Pagan Values Event was Hecate making some interesting observations and asking some good questions in Money & Pagan Values.  I was reminded of a piece I wrote a number of years ago about Invoking the Power of The Pagan Dollar, and I was equally fascinated in the next few days to find both Diana Rajchel’s deep and courageous exploration of her own relationship with money in her Money Drunk Money Sober series of posts, and Pythia Theocritos of the Daughters of Eve: Pagan Women of Color Speak blog writing the first of what appears to be a series on Pagan Finance: Supporting The Pagan Economy.

There is certainly a stereotype of Pagans as being on the lower end of the economic scale, it is interesting to muse how much of this is self-fulfilling prophecy on our part.  I also find myself wondering of this is across the spectrum of Contemporary Paganism or if different faiths within the movement have different self-images in their relationships with money.

What do you think?  Are we cash poor but spirit rich?  Contemporary Paganism demands a certain level of focus on Spiritual and Religious identity… are many of us cash poor in part because we are still so enmeshed in the overculture’s ideas of a dichotomy between money and spirit?  Or is the stereotype of the poor Pagan just that, a stereotypical image that only has some fun house mirror relation to the reality?


Edited 6/17/12

Hecate has written some follow up thoughts and advice about money in her Bloomsday Potpourri….


Edited 6/18/12

The folks over at Faith, Fern & Compass podcast have recently posted an episode on The Green Marketplace, discussing the intersection of economics and the Green movement… with plenty of useful and interesting links…


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