Valuing our Elders

As part of the 2011 Pagan Values Event, M. Macha NightMare posted a wonderful piece Growing Pagan Elders: An Exploration of  Sustainability.   I just rediscovered the post about it today, on one of my many online groups, and discovered to my distress that it was never added to the archive last year… I’ve added it and by way of apology am highlighting this excellent essay.


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  1. Kilmrnock aka kilm

    I too believe we need to regognise and honor our elders . We as a community are beginning to age , i myself am 56 , nearing what i would consider eldership age . Personaly i don’t mind answering questions , helping someone younger than myself . Having been pagan for 20 yrs , my path has been long and at times painful ……..altho i don’t consider myself an authority on my path my experiences may be helpful to a youngling. Altho some wisdom does come w/ age one also realises how much you donot know as you age . Maybe that is part of the hard earned wisdom. Seems to me our elders , regardless of path, are too valuable an asset to waste .Im in a tribal CR sytle faith ………..we will not waste such an asset . The Pagan community as a whole shouldn’t either . Kilm

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