Pagan Family Values…

So in doing some searches to update/make sure that the 2012 event archive was complete, I discovered a couple of posts from 2011 that I had missed adding…

Pagan Family Values by Stacy at Inspired by Life (original blog here, and new domain here)


Pagan Family Values? by Anne at Muse Mama

I added them to the 2011 archive, and share them here for your enjoyment and pondering.

You might also enjoy this post by Sarajean at Pagan Journey from July of that year…

Household worship, and the religious care and maintenance of the Family and the familial Gods and Spirits seems to have been a part of every one of our ancestral Pagan cultures.  I remember reading somewhere in my exploration of Hellenismos that one of the challenges presented to worshiping and honoring Hestia and the other Household Gods is that so little was written down about these practices because everyone knew them intimately… so they weren’t written down…

So how do you honor your Ancestors and Gods and Spirits in the every day?  Do you relate at all to the spirits of your hearth and home?  How do you live with the Ancestors in the day-to-day, or do you?  What impact do the Values inspired by your Paganism influence your relations with family and friends?  What are the lessons you teach your children?  How do you live the Values and Virtues and Ethics of your path in your day to day lives at home?



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3 responses to “Pagan Family Values…

  1. Kilmrnock aka kilm

    I found a CR based faith.Sinnsreachd,we follow and honor theTuath de Dannon and our ancestors. I also belong to ADF and a Celt centered Grove .As part of my beliefs I do daily devotionals to my Gods and ancestors. Also as part of my faith ADF helps with my need for group ritual and fellowship/freindship with other Celtic CR pagans.Sinnsraeraithe as a fairly recent faith are still to spread apart to function as a group at this point.

    • Pax

      Thanks for sharing Kilm!!

      I do regular devotions to various Gods, and to the Household Spirits, and the Ancestors…. being a boot-strap Solitary Witch and Polytheist there are a variety of Gods from both Celtic and Hellenic Pantheons as well as Herne/Witchfather …. Gods I’ve had experiences with in the past… and occasional devotions to Ganesha….
      They (my devotions) remind me of the importance of community and family and hospitality on a weekly basis… and that even after 20 years I still have so much to learn.

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