Pagan Values: Embarrassment?

Teo Bishop and John Halstead have both written recently about being “ashamed” by aspects of Paganism recently. Some interesting conversations have resulted from this, including Alison Leigh Lilly’s recent piece…


What feelings or reactions have challenged you in your religious and spiritual journey as a Pagan or Polytheist?


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One response to “Pagan Values: Embarrassment?

  1. AutumnFae

    The lack of community in a couple of ways. First, in conversation or internet discussions I have realized that when it comes to badmouthing pagans, pagans themselves are more likely to be the first and harshest critics of eachothers personal beliefs and can be downright mean and cruel! Second, its a lack of community in a broader spectrum. Yes this spiritual path is highly individual when it comes to personal practice and beliefs, however we do share something special that can be very rewarding if it were utilized. Culture! Pagans, and every sub catagory therein, have a culture as a “people”. We have a loose structure of basic holidays and practices that could bring us together if we allowed it. I just wish that I felt like there was something that I was a part of that stood together.

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