Ethics, Morals, and Serivce … Oh My!

We have a variety of posts to share today!

For June 12, Sam Webster at Arkadian Anvil shares with us some of his thoughts relating to ethics and morals as well as some of his religious obligations related to his work as a priest of Hermes.

Shauna Aura Knight sent us a few posts from the past (that phrase would have been better with an echo…) relating to values that she feels we should be looking to embrace as a community.  I know that she has a few more of these so I may track them down and share those, too.  The first relates to healthy eating and the latter to leadership, community building, and and the trials and tribulations thereof.  These articles come to us from the Pagan Activist blog.

Finally, Lupa from Therioshamanism wrote words relating to service and some of the small ways that we can help and how we can determine where to share our time and talent.



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