Crossing the Finish Line

And, here we are at the end of June!  I’ve got three articles to share with you today and I’ll be posting a follow-up to our event this month rounding up the whole event within the next few days.  Pax has a few other ideas regarding how we might be able to expand this beyond a once-a-year event, too, to focus on specific events or topics throughout the year.  More on those later.

But, without further ado, I present the last three articles for the Pagan Values Event 2013:

First, we have an exploration relating to the discovery of one’s personal gods, living in right relationship with them, and how that might be related to or supersede personal values or ethics.  This comes to use from the Rebalancing Acts blog.

Secondly, a post from A Journey within Feri describing Embodiment as a virtue and how that leads the author to treat their physical body.

And, finally, a post not so much on a specific value but rather a call to action and a discussion of our responsibilities toward those organizations within the Pagan community who are there to help inform, education, and defend it.  The editorial is entitled Rights and Responsibilities and it comes to use from the Everglades Moon Local Council representing the Covenant of the Goddess in Florida.

Thank you to everyone who participated this year!


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