What is “Natural” ?

So over at the Pagan Values group on Facebook, Meical Abwen has posted a link to his great post The Refinery from the No Unsacred Place blog.

Some interesting discussion and ideas are bubbling up in the comments streams at both locations.  Is something man-made unnatural?  Are we not creatures of nature as any other?  How is  a human city different, or less natural, than an ant hill, or a bee hive?  Is  an oil refinery a natural environment?  What about a city? What do you think?

Link your thoughts and posts on the topic to the Blogject site comment stream or go over to the Facebook group and join the discussion!

I know episodes 15 and 29 of the Elemental Castings podcast, have some interesting conversations around this topic…


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One response to “What is “Natural” ?

  1. Meical abAwen

    Some people say, “Yes! It’s obvious! All things manmade, as Man, are natural.” Others say, “No! What are you thinking?! A stinking pile of petrochemicals is natural? I think not!”

    There’s enough disparity here to make it worthwhile researching the topic and writing in depth about it, which I am doing.

    If you have an opinion on the matter, please post it, here or there, or email me at meicalabawsen@gmail.com. I’d love to hear your take on the issue.


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