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Chris Aldridge at My Hellenic Life speaks up on The Importance of Good Moderation

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Three very different points of view on the topic

The contributions have started rolling in and today we share three from around the blogosphere.

In Pagan Values Event 2015, Stormwiseraven writes a piece directly exploring the meaning of virtues, values, and ethics; and also what values are present in their Pagan path.

Meanwhile over at Oath Bound, one of the many fine Pagan blogs at Patheos, Thorn Mooney posts her musings in Pagans, Hugging, and the Fine Art of Consent: A PSA

Meanwhile with profanity, NSFW and possibly offensive images and memes, and a refreshingly brutal honesty Sparrow Brown at The Barbed Pentacle examines how adult Pagans should realistically look at involvement in online media in What the word “network” really means, mother fuckers!

Intrigued, amused, shocked or offended; what are your thoughts and what do you have to say about living your Pagan values?

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Pagan Values 2015: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

When we started this project it often seemed that there was a lot more being publicized about Contemporary Pagan practices and how-to, rather than juicy discussions of how we live as Pagans outside of our ritual spaces and individual groups.  If there were deep thoughtful posts or conversations it seemed as if they were buried in individual blogs or hidden inside various discussion groups or bulletin boards.

One of the delightful changes in our online Pagan culture of the last decade is that we now have a MUCH greater wealth of online postings and discussions about Pagan Values throughout the year!

In March of this year, Terence P Ward writing at The Wild Hunt explored the topic of Hospitality: a Pagan Value? with short discussions on Hospitality with a number of Pagan luminaries.

Our community has also started extending deep conversations across many different sites and through a spectrum of thought and experience.
Over at Gods & Radicals, just this may, Kadmus wrote a delightfully complex and deep post on Capitalist Leveling and the Problem of Pagan Values.

Writing a few days later at the Patheos blog A Sense of Place, James Lindenschmidt carried the same conversation both forward and an interesting new direction with his post On Place, Pagan Values, and Politicizing Paganism.

As we approach the official start of Summer, Cherry Hill Seminary and instructor Selina Rifkin are offering are offering the course Pagans and Permaculture: Bringing Our Values Down to Earth.

So what conversations or posts or episodes have you experienced or witnessed that you would like to share, or perhaps respond to?

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Pagan Values Event: A slow subtle start for 2015

As yet we have had no Official submissions to the event, no links shared in the comments of the Event Announcement or on the Facebook pages.   Searches for the event tags have yielded no definitive results  HOWEVER results for “Pagan Values 2015” have yielded some delightful results

Posts inside the time frame of the Pagan Values Event include..

Yvonne Aburrow over at the Sermons from the Mound blog at Patheos has provided a primer on our topic in Paganism for Beginners: Values

Then there is Shauna Aura Knight writing at The Pagan Activist looking at the topic of Harrassment, Bigotry, Safety Policies, and Changing Culture

We look forward to your posts and comments and episodes on Pagan Values as the month continues

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Pagan Values Event 2015

Welcome to the 7th Annual Pagan Values Event!
This event seeks to encourage the deep discussions of Values and Virtues and Ethics within the Contemporary Pagan communities around the world.  How do our faiths impel us to react to situations of injustice or entrenched classism and racism and sexism?  In what sometimes feel like increasingly angry and partisan times, how do our Pagan paths lead us to one side or the other; or do they call us to bring everybody to the table?

So start writing or recording your thoughts and share links to them here in our comments, or here or here!

The hashtags of the year are :
‪#‎paganvalues2015‬ ‪#‎pv2015‬ and of course just ‪#‎paganvalues‬.


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The 2014 Pagan Values Event!

Welcome to the 6th Annual Pagan Values Event,

Each June Bloggers, Podcasters, and other content creators from across the many faiths and philosophies of Contemporary Paganism are encouraged to post, broadcast, tweet, or otherwise speak out on the concept of Pagan Values.

Find out more, and about how to contribute, at our event page and archive.


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What is “Natural” ?

So over at the Pagan Values group on Facebook, Meical Abwen has posted a link to his great post The Refinery from the No Unsacred Place blog.

Some interesting discussion and ideas are bubbling up in the comments streams at both locations.  Is something man-made unnatural?  Are we not creatures of nature as any other?  How is  a human city different, or less natural, than an ant hill, or a bee hive?  Is  an oil refinery a natural environment?  What about a city? What do you think?

Link your thoughts and posts on the topic to the Blogject site comment stream or go over to the Facebook group and join the discussion!

I know episodes 15 and 29 of the Elemental Castings podcast, have some interesting conversations around this topic…

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