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Teaching Wiccan Values … Which Don’t Include Biting People

Sable Aradia, an author over on the Patheos Pagan Channel Seekers and Guides column of the Agora, shares with us an article related to teaching Wiccan values.  Specifically, she discusses the Wiccan Rede, the Charge of the Goddess, and the Ardanyes both a little about their origin and how they might be used and taught in the modern world.

Finally, Tim from the Intersections blog brings us a post where he recognizes the difficulty of identifying a set of values that any one of us could consider universal across our Big Tent of Paganism.  Instead, he discusses modern individuals, none of which are likely to be Pagans, who seem to be operated both inside and outside an ethical Pagan framework.

This rounds out the sixth annual Pagan Values month.  Thank you all for reading and especially thank you to our authors this year for helping us make this possible!

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Weekend Words: Consent and Exploration

Two articles came into to us over the weekend.

The first, from Mud and Magic, speaks to us about the value of enthusiastic consent.  With links to a variety of solid articles on consent from others in the Pagan community, this is a welcome addition to our values event!  Identifying three things that, in a ritual, that all participants should be notified of in advance (nudity, blood, and drugs), the author continues to discuss ways to move beyond these general concepts into ways to ensure participants are fully informed before joining in.

Secondly, from the Chasing Domestic Bliss blog comes less an essay about a specific value and more of an exploration of what values resonate with the author.  Specifically, she talks to us about her sense that connection and her creativity lead her forward in this exploration.

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Weekend Post Roundup

First off:  mea culpa!  I was paying more attention to Twitter and Facebook and less to the comments on our announcement post so I missed two articles from the end of last week that came into us there.  I’ve now subscribed to the comments in my favorite RSS reader so that shouldn’t happen again.  One thousand apologies!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program!  I have three articles to share with you all on this fine Monday morning.  I’ll list them in the order that they were sent in to us:

  1. Honoring the Gods – T. Thorn Coyle
    Thorn offers her advice on building a relationship with the gods, cultivating that relationship, and how such a thing is both similar to and dissimilar from other human relationships into which we might enter into.  This was posted at Thorn’s the Pagan Channel over at Patheos;  you can also find her work at her own site and her involvement with Solar Cross Temple.
  2. St. Aradia – Sparrow Brown
    Over at the Barbed Pentacle, an exploration of Aradia especially as she related to the work toward ending oppression.  Unfortunately, I’m not as well-versed in the myth of Aradia as I might like to be so I don’t know that I can comment on things here as much as I would like.  Sorry, Sparrow!
  3. Food as a Pagan Value – Lupa
    The last article to share with you all came in just before the weekend.  Lupa shared with us her thoughts on food, food preparation and consumption, and how with a greater emphasis (dare I say, mindfulness) of from where and how our food comes to us we can lead more ethical lives.  I’ll even forgive for for a dig soylent since, as a person what pretty much hates food at this point, it seems fairly wonderful to me.  You can read more from Lupa at the Green Wolf.

And, with that, we’re caught up!  Remember, you can post a comment here, tweet at us or using the #paganvalues or #pve2014 hashtags, or send us an article on our Facebook page.  If you don’t have a blog of your own, we can host your article here, too, so don’t let that stop you!

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Discernment and Denial

Diana Rajchel is back with us today with two more posts over at her blog.

The first focuses on denial, specifically the right to deny others and exercise our own will.  This is a post in her series on sexual violence education for Pagans that she began following the revelations surrounding the arrest of a Pagan elder for possession of child pornography and allegations of his prior abuses.

The second and related post discusses an alteration to the Witch’s Pyramid.  These are four phrases that are meant to inform magic workers about the steps necessary to perform their magic:

  • To know
  • To will
  • To dare
  • To keep silent

Diana suggests an alteration to the last one; she’d change it to “to discern.”

That’s all we’ve got for today!  Remember, to be involved, all you need to do is write.  Tag it #paganvalues or #PVE21014 on Twitter or Facebook or share it with us via the same and we’ll share it with the rest of the community.

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Charging Ahead

Today we kick off the Pagan Values Event 2014 with an in-depth look at the Charge of the Goddess brought to us by Diana Rajchel.

Diana dives into the Charge analyzing line-by-line in order to find its value not only as ritual poetry but also as a statement of Wiccan values.  You can read All Acts of Love and Pleasure over at her site, and while you’re there, to meet my quota of unsolicited plugs, maybe check out her newly published book:  Divorcing a Real Witch.

Remember, if you want to participate in this year’s event, just write a post somewhere online and make sure we hear about it.  You can post a comment here, on Facebook, at Twitter.  If you have any questions, feel free to track me down here or here and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy blogging!

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