What this project is NOT

Due to the nature of online discourse, it is perhaps necessary to note what the Pagan Values blog, and the International Pagan Values Blogging & Podcasting Month event, is NOT trying to say or do.

Our Use of the word “Pagan”

In using the word “Pagan”, as you can see from the working (and work in progress) definition, we are neither trying to indicate that the Paganisms of Ancient times were one unified body of belief or practice, nor are we trying to imply anything of the like in regards to the complex interfaith movement that is Contemporary Paganism.

In Identifying and Discussing our Values and Virtues and Ethics

We are not trying to say that these values are present only within Paganism or within our specific Tradition.  Nor are we trying to deny in any way that there are virtues, ethics, and values, present in all of the World’s Religions.  In identifying and discussing the Values within our paths we make no claims to exclusivity or superiority.