Pagan Values Event 2013

Held each June, the Pagan Values Event seeks to encourage the public discussion and provide resources for exploration of Pagan Values. We do not care if you are a blogger, or podcaster. We do not care if you are Pagan, Neo-Pagan, Witch or Heathen, Druid or Hellenic or Dirt Worshiping Tree Hugging Neo-Hippy. We do not care if you are liberal or conservative.

What we care about is encouraging the public discussion on what it means to be any of the above paths in the 21st Century, and how our many Paganisms influence our daily lives and our interactions with the world. How has being a Pagan changed you? How has your way of carrying yourself in the world been touched or transformed by your life as a Pagan? If you could cite one (or more) thing as a deeply held value, virtue, or point of ethics, for you as a Pagan…say for someone who had not heard of Paganism before…. what would you say or talk about?

Early Out of the Gate  (Offerings posted or ‘broadcast’ before June 1 2013)

May 30th 2013

This years First Out of the Gate award goes to Zephyrrine at Wandering Witch Eye started this years event off with Values!! of a Witch

Blogger, Musician, and Wild Hunt Correspondent Teo Bishop posted a good discussion starter and helped us publicize our little endeavor with Not Belief, Not Practice: Values

May 31st 2013


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