Pagan Values Event 2014

Welcome to the 6th Annual Pagan Values Event,

Each June Bloggers, Podcasters, and other content creators from across the many faiths and philosophies of Contemporary Paganism are encouraged to post, broadcast, tweet, or otherwise speak out on the concept of Pagan Values.

By naming and exploring the values, virtues, and ethics, we have found on our many pagan paths we are not trying to claim that they are ours exclusively, we simply wish to let the world know that we have them.   Our goal is to inspire, to stir conversation, and to explore what it is that the good man or woman will teach their children of body and spirit.

We use a big tent definition of Paganism, and welcome contributions from Pagans, Heathens, Witches, Druids, and many other paths.

So stretch your fingers, warm up your voices, and share the virtues, values, and ethics and your inspirations for them with us!

You can  share a link to your contribution in the comments here, or post a link and post about your contributions to the Pagan Values Event page on Facebook.  We will be working to archive and share your contribution here and uttering words of encouragement where we can.

Thank you.


11 responses to “Pagan Values Event 2014

  1. My explication (yes, that’s a real word) of the Charge of the Goddess. I consider it the true specific values statement of Wicca:

  2. Here is my 2nd installment, proposing a recalibration of the Witches’ Pyramid:

  3. Interesting how we came to similar conclusions on the Charge! I wrote this a couple of years back: Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  4. joseph martin

    first of all, my faith or path is not a movement, its a way of life for me, i do not ask that you follow me, or pick up my way of life.. we can how ever walk beside each other and respect each other. but i can tell you right from the start we dont have the same values.

    • A good point, one that is often forgotten I think. (You’ll note my Craft name; I call myself that because I was called by Diana in Her guise as Queen of the Witches many years ago, and it is an acknowledgement of what I believe She has asked of me; to teach witchcraft, and to liberate the oppressed.) Great post, and cool blog also!

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