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Discernment and Denial

Diana Rajchel is back with us today with two more posts over at her blog.

The first focuses on denial, specifically the right to deny others and exercise our own will.  This is a post in her series on sexual violence education for Pagans that she began following the revelations surrounding the arrest of a Pagan elder for possession of child pornography and allegations of his prior abuses.

The second and related post discusses an alteration to the Witch’s Pyramid.  These are four phrases that are meant to inform magic workers about the steps necessary to perform their magic:

  • To know
  • To will
  • To dare
  • To keep silent

Diana suggests an alteration to the last one; she’d change it to “to discern.”

That’s all we’ve got for today!  Remember, to be involved, all you need to do is write.  Tag it #paganvalues or #PVE21014 on Twitter or Facebook or share it with us via the same and we’ll share it with the rest of the community.

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