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Begun on a whim in May of 2009, the International Pagan Values Blogging and Podcasting Month Pagan Values Event* happens each June as Blogger’s and Podcaster’s across Pagansim and across the globe are encouraged to post and speak about their values and ethics and those qualities they feel constitute virtues; specifically those that come from or are nurtured by their Pagan spirituality.

My interest in the discussion and sharing of the Values and Virtues and Ethics held dear by my friends and fellow traveler’s within the Pagan Movement first blossomed on a near whim in May of 2009 when I issued a call for June to be International Pagan Values Blogging Month.

For a long time, it had bothered me to see other faith/political groups either claiming that THEY were the only ones with ethics/virtue/values and that anyone they disagreed with, or those of a different faith or political persuasion, was either lacking in vitrues/values/and ethics or was outright evil.  Then too, concept of gathering together and being empowered by shared values was in my mind a lot that year as I have been attending (when the vagaries of work schedules will allow) my local Unitarian Universalist ChurchU.U.’s are not a Creedal faith, but rather gather together around a list of shared principles.

In the moment, issuing the Call was a spur-of-the-moment inspiration sort of thing.  In retrospect my desire for a deeper and more open discussion of Pagan Values, is part of my ongoing desire to see a deeper and more wide ranging discussions within and of the Pagan Movement in general…

I hope this site and the event & it’s archives are of value to the Pagan community and to you in your participation in, and exploration of, it.


*Why the name change?  Well, going forward, as both new technologies for self expression and new ways of incorporating old technologies in new ways come both  literally and metaphorically online, we want to be ready for them.


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