Pagan Values Event 2012

Welcome to the 2012 Event archival page!

Started as a blog carnival in 2009 and expanded into an open event for bloggers and podcasters in 2010, this event lasts the month of June and provides a bully pulpit for Pagans and Polytheists and many others to speak about our Values. In a world where our many faiths and paths are often held up for ridicule or as straw dogs of evil for Fundamentalists, it would be easy to remain silent; especially as articulating our values and how we act upon them challenges the Fundamentalist’s claim of ownership over all Values and Virtues, and can attract unwanted attention from them

However, in not articulating these things we also miss out on the friendships and connections that can arise with like-minded folks of many Faiths and Paths. We miss out on the opportunity to speak the Truth of who we are and what we do. We miss the chance to perhaps bring some much needed change and inspiration to a world in need.

What are the Ethics, the Virtues, and Values that Contemporary Paganism has taught you to cherish, to live, to bring with you in your every interaction with the world? What do you do, inspired by these values? What adventures, or misadventures, has your Paganism and the Values and Virtues and Ethics it has inspired led you too? What and who have you encountered on your spiritual and moral journey as a Pagan? How have you acted upon these Values. What have you done inspired by these Virtues? What wrestling matches have you had when these Ethics encountered the real world?

Early Out of the Gate

(ongoing posts and shares before June 1st, 2012)

Delphic Maxims Blogging Party

Writer and Patheos Pagan Channel Editor Star Foster started blogging about the Delphic Maxims earlier this year, and has started a spontaneous Delphic Maxims Blog Party!   Documented by Thalassa at Musings of a Kitchen Witch

May 8th

Selina Rifkin at Cauldron to Kitchen shared the first in her series of posts Pagan Kosher from 2010, on the this years event Facebook Page!

May 25th

Thalassa at Musings of a Kitchen Witch got an early start with My Body, My Temple

Pagan Values Event 2012

June 1st – June 30th

June 1st

Medb at Crepuscular: Because the word ‘twilight’ has been destroyed.  Forever. shared her  Pagan Principles, and not only wins this years “First Officially Out Of The Gate” citation… she also is in the serious running for “Pax’s favorite Blog Title 2012”

Ryan at Ryan’s Desk muses on  Solidarity

Ealasaid at Ego! Ego! Ego! shares a brief introductory post about her Pagan Values blogging for the month with It Begins!

Sobeqsenu from Dice and Diamonds has stated her intention to write on variations of the topic of Discipline

June 2nd

Sannion shared The value of being nameless, over at The House of Vines.

Hecate at Hecatedemeter helped spread the word, and let folks know she will be taking part and raised some interesting questions with Pagan Values?

Sarita Rucker over at Dancing With Fey has started an experiment with cross referencing daily prompts from Pagan Blog Prompts with her postings for Pagan Values Month her first post is on Nature Escapes

The Pagan Musings Podcast, featured an interview (with RevKess and yours truly) and discussion related to the event in their episode Pagan Values

June 3rd

Sannion posted on The Value of Perception at The House of Vines

Shauna over at Ringing Anvil posted on the topic of Ethics, Personal Responsibility and Community

Anne Hill’s Blog o’ Gnosis shares her Thoughts on Spirituality, Politics and Values

Distaff Spear wrote at her Distaff and Spear livejournal on The Divine Feminine and Transgender

Sarita Rucker over at Dancing With Fey has shared a post on Growth

June 4th

Sarita Rucker over at Dancing With Fey offered up a post on Foraging

Allison Leigh Lilly of the ever fabulous Meadowsweet & Myrrh wrote about Learning to Value The Spiritual Desert

Thalassa at Musings of a Kitchen Witch shares with us her thoughts on teaching her daughter to Pass It On.

Sannion at The House of Vines shares with us The value of knowing how to handle Jesus pimps

Ealasaid at Ego! Ego! Ego! discusses Experiental Pragmatism

June 5th

The (as far as I can tell) anonymous author over at Pixiecraft: Adventures of Magick and Devotion wrote on What is a “Pagan” – Joining another Blog project

Nels Linde  from PNC Minnesota shared his editorial Dawning of a New Day with us on the 2012 Event Facebook Page

Sarita Rucker over at Dancing With Fey opines on the topic of Illness

Dawn Black of The Sacred Hearth shares the Values of the Sacred Hearth Tradition

June 6th

Thalassa at Musings of a Kitchen Witch re-blogged a piece from 2011 Etiquette for Interfaith Discussion, because as she says

“It *is* Pagan Values Month after all! I think (being Pagan and a mommy) “being religiously polite” is a good value! “

… and frankly, The Pagan Values Blogject couldn’t agree more!

Sarita Rucker over at Dancing With Fey writes on Magical Herbs

June 7th

Sarita Rucker over at Dancing With Fey is experimenting with cross-polenating her posts for Pagan Values Month with prompts from the folks over at Pagan Blog Promts… today she shares some Music

June 8th

Diana Rajchel from her self-titled author website shared with us Why I don’t want to talk about religion over a beer with you

Sarita Rucker over at Dancing With Fey shares with us on the topic of Balance of Gender

June 9th

Hecate at Hecatedemeter makes some interesting observations and asks some juicy questions in Money & Pagan Values

Meanwhile, the place of religion occupied Diana Rajchel‘s mind today…

June 10th

Ealasaid at Ego! Ego! Ego! posted about the quest for Integrity

June 11th

Bronwyn Katzke muses on the general topic of Pagan Values in her blog/column Beneath The Baobab on the Penton: Independent Pagan Media site out of South Africa

June 12th

Diana Rajchel, author, blogger, and part-time Pagan Values Event and Blogject and FB Group co-conspirator, has graciously offered A few #paganvalues blogging tips

June 13th

June 14th

June 15th

Christopher Orapello from The Infinite and the Beyond podcast announces that episode 27 will feature a contribution to this years event!

Thalassa at Musings of a Kitchen Witch shares her thoughts in live where you are

Ealasaid at Ego! Ego! Ego! posts on the topic of Fierce Compassion

June 16th

June 17th

June 18th

Helen from My Wings of Desire shares her thoughts on how Pagans pursue their own paths and often pay prices for it in Fire over Lake

Sparrow from The Barbed Pentacle posted the first of some self-admitted rants with Ruffled Feathers

Diana Rajchel discusses Misplaced Values in an ongoing online dialogue about Pagans and Economy and Money

June 19th

Sannion from The House of Vines gives us an offering on The value of being religious

June 20th

Staṡa Morgan-Appel in her blog Musings of a Quaker Witch explores some of the issues related to Pagan values, feminism, and transgender women

Sannion in his House of Vines waxes poetic on The value of prayer

Ealasaid posts on the topic of Love/Reverence for the Sacred at Ego! Ego! Ego!

June 21st

June 22nd

June 23rd

Thalassa  reblogged on the topic of Paganism’s 30-second Infomercial from her original September 7th 2011 post, at Musings of a Kitchen Witch

Sparrow from The Barbed Pentacle discusses Misdemeanors at The Altar

June 24th

June 25th

Ealasaid at Ego! Ego! Ego! shares with us on the topic of Will/Self-Knowledge (aka Doing the Work)

June 26th

Thalassa at Musings of a Kitchen Witch blogged the suggestion to put your money where your mouth is

June 27th

The author of Rooted Deeply, a blog we are given to understand was in part inspired by this years event at its postings, shared with us that There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground

June 28th

Diana Rajchel writes about our screwed up money problems, in response to both a number of blog posts lately, and some of the ongoing discussions at the Pagan Values Group on Facebook.

June 29th

Ealasaid gives us her Pagan Values Blogging Month Wrap-Up over at Ego! Ego! Ego!

June 30th

Kitsune Yokai over at The Fat Pagan claims fashionable lateness in posting on The Values of The Fat Pagan, but we are glad she’s here!

Diana Rajchel shares her final entry for this years event with  a vision for future Pagan infrastructure (USA, anyway)

Cat from Quaker Pagan Reflections ends the month with her exploration of Pagan Values: Hospitality (And the Affordable Care Act)

Late, but not Least!

Because sometimes, every writer or media producer has multiple projects going on at once; and because so many of us do our blogs and podcasts and other media projects OUTSIDE of our day-jobs and other aspects of our lives… folks sometimes end up getting their contributions out late… this also is fabulous!

(In General, you have to either have announced your intention to put something out in June or earlier… but feel free to contact me, I’m open to being wow-ed by you!   Also in General early to mid July is all right, past that is rather pushing things a bit unless you announced in June or earlier)

July 2nd

Sannion shared his piece I am complex from his  House of Vines

Alison Leigh Lilly was a little late out the gate after having wrestled with some deep musings about Why Pagans Don’t Respect Their Elders: Sincerity, Competence and Integrity

July 3rd

Anne from Random Card Rolodex shared her Pagan Values

July 11th

Pax finally gets his own brief post up on Chrysalis: One Pagan’s Journey about Valuing the Complexity of The Holy Powers

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  4. Wow, so much material! E-27 (released 7/23/2012) of The Infinite and the Beyond concludes with a short discussion of free will, magick, and deity. A post for the episode can be found at BB / 93! Thanks for all your hard work!

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